Pisces Weekly Horoscope: Detailed Forecast for the Week (2024)

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Weekly Horoscope for the week of July 08

Pisces could not have wished for a more favorable astral conjunction. Ruled by the Sun, Mercury and Venus, your sky reflects the abundant enthusiasm you'll have during the week of 8 to 14 July, but also your keen intelligence and your ability to place your action in the long-term.

In the coming days, you will take some time to reflect calmly about the objectives that you would like to achieve in the long term and to define the best means of reaching them that are available to you.

In this quest, you can count on the advice of your friends, whose experiences could help you look at the issues you are currently facing in a different way. Combined with your strength of character, this support will help you to reach your destination more quickly. Why try to do everything yourself when you can rely on the support of your loved ones?

When it comes to love it could be said that everything will be for the best in the best possible world for your couple. The tenderness you will feel for your partner will be matched only by your desire to build a loving future together. If you are single, a meeting may be on the horizon. It's up to you to make the most of it.

At work, you will take some time to refine your career plan and your strategy for reaching it. Even if your current situation is generally satisfactory, you have never been one to rest on your laurels. The excitement of a new challenge always invigorates you. The time may have come to breathe new life into your career.

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Slow but certain development is on the agenda for this week

Since you are in no rush to act, you'll take advantage of the favorable astral climate to take an honest look at your current situation and explore the options available to you.

Your emotional stability and your sense of priorities will stop you from throwing everything into play, because your priority is to think about things over the long-term. Your ability to plan your strategy down to the smallest detail is undoubtedly a valuable asset for your future personal growth. From the point of view of your relationships, you could not have hoped for a more satisfying situation.

In love as in friendship, trust will reign supreme. You can look forward to spending special times together. And isn't that one of life's most satisfying pleasures?

Important days during this week


Your best day for Love:Wednesday, July 10

In matters of the heart, today's astral sky is heavily influenced by Neptune. And, of course, like a typical Pisces, you tend to see your love life through rose-tinted glasses. You tend to float on a cloud! If you're in a relationship you'll be focused on sharing time with your partner and may also show a tendency to be fusional. You don't want to ever be separated from your love so you never have to feel their lack.

If you're single you're dreaming of that overwhelming passion that would turn your world upside down. You're so busy dreaming of your perfect world that you have trouble facing the reality of your current loneliness.

Your best day for Finance:Sunday, July 14

Your finances should be stable today and this is a good time to educate yourself about possible investments to help your capital grow safely. Make sure you read as much information as you can so you'll be in the best possible shape when you want to start your project.

Whether it's building a house, starting renovations, starting your own business, or investing on the stock market, you don't like doing things on a whim. And Mars' influence makes you even more determined not to make any financial missteps.

Your best day for Work:Saturday, July 13

Beware of temptations. Like the bewitching song of a siren, Pluto could well encourage you to make a decision too quickly, which you may regret just as quickly. Despite what your impulses suggest, nothing prompts you to question your professional situation today.

During a discussion with one of your friends or family, you will also receive advice that will get you back on the right track. Take some time for yourself. When it comes to money, rushing is never a good idea.

Your week of July 08 in detail

Monday, July 08

Under the influence of the Sun, Mercury and Uranus, this day won't lack spice and you're likely to have some great ideas and even a flash of genius. Emotionally, you are keenly aware of your current situation, whether you are in a relationship or single.

You'll manage to target where you need to invest your energy and address the worries that plague you. As for work on this July 8, you'll be busy and multi-tasking; using your original and innovative but also effective ideas to help out wherever needed. It seems the office can't manage without you!

There don't seem to be any particular difficulties associated with this Monday, except perhaps some interior indecision about your finances. You'll tend to want to take on several projects at the same time and dilute your energies, but that isn't surprising given today's astral sky.

Tuesday, July 09

Dear Pisces, the association of the Sun, Mars and Uranus in your sky this July 9 portends a day full of twists and turns. If you were hoping to spend a lazy afternoon or an evening by the fireplace, you'll need to rethink your plans.

On Tuesday, you will be crossed by a powerful energy, which will push you to make changes to your life and to make decisions that you thought you could put off for a while. While this sudden turnaround in your aspirations may seem surprising at first, it is actually the result of a complex thought process, which has been unconsciously maturing in you over the past few months.

So today you are resolute about making change your priority, with all the unfortunate consequences that it could entail. As such, I can only advise you to think carefully before making your choice. Think about your future, too, instead of focusing exclusively on your immediate needs.

Wednesday, July 10

You may feel ambivalent about today because the presence of the Sun, Mercury and Neptune, will leave you marooned between dreams and reality all day long. You'll have to perform a balancing act between your desire to dream and the constraints of everyday life. This is a configuration that will make your emotions yoyo, leading to ups and downs that are sometimes difficult to manage.

In love, you'll dream of deep feelings, devastating passions and romantic words, then have a sudden crash back into reality when you realize you have a long way to go before you can fulfill these desires. Have courage, you're on the right track, but remember that the greatest achievements take time.

On the work side, today you'll have your head in the clouds, so be careful not to let your boss notice or they'll be sure to turn your clouds into a thunderstorm!

Thursday, July 11

Dear Pisces, you are facing a particularly explosive, some would say dangerous, astral situation today. The meeting of Mars, Uranus and Pluto in your astral sky may bring you many surprises.

Depending on the use you make of it, the tremendous energy you show on this July 11 could be profoundly beneficial to your future development or be detrimental to the progress of your projects. On this July 11, it will therefore be essential you ensure your actions are based in good faith and that you try to channel your impulsiveness as much as possible. From an emotional point of view, your willingness to change things will probably not be very well understood by your partner.

Professionally speaking, try to take your colleagues' opinions into account more and don't force your point of view down their throats! Like many Pisces, you tend to see your needs as more important than those of your loved ones.

Friday, July 12

On this July 12, under the influence of the Sun, Mercury, and Pluto, you'll want to be in control of everything. You'll need to get to the bottom of things, even if it means being intrusive, you want answers to your questions at all costs and you are ready to use any means to get them.

This can make you endearing but beware of acting the tyrant under the effect of this astral conjunction. In love, if you're single you have a lot to work through before you can commit to a new relationship. If you're in a relationship today should see you strengthen your bonds with your partner.

On the professional side, you have lots of ideas to spare and you're looking for something new to develop your career. Be careful of your finances today as one of your projects may not be as successful as you expected. Keep your eyes open and use your common sense!

Saturday, July 13

This conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in the astral sky of Pisces is a very curious association. While the first planet advocates the virtues of patience and the long term, the second is the apostle of haste and upheaval.

In this merciless confrontation, it is difficult to know who will emerge victorious. In this powerful astral context, it is therefore very likely that your day will have a special flavor and that you won't be able to get a very precise idea of the path to take. If you want to move forward, however, you must learn to master these contradictory energies.

Rest assured, you have all the qualities you need to skillfully take advantage of this situation. The presence of the Sun in your sky suggests that you are now sufficiently aware of your values and sure of your strength to make lasting decisions. So trust your instincts and your ability to adapt!

Sunday, July 14

Today's configuration augurs well for pleasant surprises in your relationships and your finances. However, although the combination of the Sun, Mars and Venus favor your love life and your finances, at the professional level things are a little more fluctuating.

Today's planetary influence will emphasize your charm, so you should appear very attractive and charismatic. If you are single you have a good chance of leaving that behind this Sunday because you are a real dating magnet. Anyone who falls under your charm will only have eyes for you. If you are in a relationship you'll want to listen to and share things with your partner, right down to the most mundane tasks. Joy, good humor and little surprises will punctuate your day.

Today you shouldn't worry about your finances because you feel you are in control at the moment. It looks like your lucky star is watching over you, giving you the strength you need to overcome any little problems that may come your way.

Moon calendar

Balsamic Moon

June 30 - July 1

In the evening, look closely at the sky. The balsamic moon invites you to rest as soon as you have the opportunity. You know, life isn't just about movement. Sometimes it's good to do nothing at all. And don't feel guilty about it!

New Moon

July 2 - July 6

In astrology, the new moon is always associated with ideas of action, change, and enthusiasm. The cycle that is beginning may help you to implement those initiatives that you have been thinking about for several weeks already! Your projects deserve to be more than just ideas. Good luck!

Waxing crescent

July 7

It is time to move forward and devote yourself fully to this project that means so much to you. Thanks to the waxing crescent moon, you should be able to push your worries to one side and do something concrete. Your energy will be remarkable in every way. Be careful not to make your loved ones jealous!

First quarter

July 8 - July 13

It's time to make a choice and leave some parts of your past behind you. You can't make a good life out of bad memories, so why don't you just welcome the future with open arms? This enthusiasm will make a difference, you will see.

Waxing gibbous

July 14

The waxing gibbous moon invites you to continue tranquilly along the path you have chosen. Patience, perseverance and strength of character will be on the program for the next few days. But you are able to get through this with your eyes shut!

Full moon

July 15 - July 20

In astrology, the full moon is the climax of the lunar cycle. Under its influence, you'll enjoy analyzing every aspect of your life, the good and the bad. You know you have the resources to make a difference.

Waning gibbous

July 21 - July 22

The waning gibbous moon invites you to have a think about the decisions you have made recently. Your emotions are very intense at the moment. Don't be fooled by them! It would be like going on a hike without a bottle of water!

Third Quarter

July 23 - July 28

Here comes the third quarter of the moon, which clearly indicates that a cycle is about to end. This is the perfect opportunity to think about new projects and any aspects of your life that you think need improving. After all, life is all about change. And you know it!

Balsamic Moon

July 29 - August 3

The arrival of the waning crescent moon could mean you feel very tired. If you haven't recently run a marathon, it could just mean that a new cycle is about to begin!

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Pisces Weekly Horoscope: Detailed Forecast for the Week (2024)


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