Project Baki 3 Tier List (Fighting Style) (May 2024) (2024)

Do you wish to get a complete and updated Project Baki 2 Fighting Styles Tier List? If yes, we are here to give you the best suggestions on the game’s Fighting Styles.

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Project Baki 2 is a popular Roblox experience that takes inspiration from the Baki anime, where you need to grow yourself as an efficient fighter and show your skills. Moreover, in this game, you aim to become the strongest of all and learn numerous fighting styles.

So, if you want to update yourself with the best and weakest Fighting Styles in Project Baki 2, we are helping you by developing a tier list below. The underlying tier list separates all the Fighting Styles into different tiers, starting from the SS-Tier and ending in the D-Tier.

Project Baki 3 Tier List (Fighting Style)

The SS-Tier mentions all the outstanding and must-have Styles, while all the weakest are mentioned in the D-Tier. The Fighting Styles are cited on the respective tiers based on their overall fruitfulness and abilities.

Tier Explain:

  • Tier SSS: SP[Super Power]
  • Tier SS: EX[Excellent]
  • Tier S: OP[Overpowered]
  • Tier A: Best[Strong]
  • Tier B: Good[Not very strong, but not weak either]
  • Tier C: Average
  • Tier D: Weak

Tier List Changelog:

DateUp to Date!
Oct/23/2023Tier list has been published.
CodesElemental Dungeons Codes
Nov 20th, 2023Project Baki 3 has been updated

Project Baki 3: SS-Tier Fighting Styles (EX Styles)

  1. Boxing— SS
  2. Kickboxing— SS
  3. Sumo— SS
  4. Military — SS
  5. Kenjutsu Sword— SS
  6. Breaker— SS


Project Baki 3 Tier List (Fighting Style) (May 2024) (1)

Boxing is a well-balanced Fighting Style that you can obtain in Project Baki 3 for dealing tons of damage to the enemies. Moreover, it deals great knockbacks and numerous hits, increasing your winning chances. If you are new to this Roblox game, you must aim to get Boxing for efficient results.

  • Project Baki 3 Tier List Overall Rank: SS
  • Trainer: Mohammad Alai
  • Meet the Required: 30 Strength, 10 Durability, 30 Agility, 10 Intellect, and be Level 20
  • Unlock All Techniques: 55 Strength, 35 Durability, 50 Agility, 20 Intellect REMAINING POINTS: 3836 Skill Points (if) Max Level (999)


Project Baki 3 Tier List (Fighting Style) (May 2024) (2)

Similar to Boxing, Kickboxing deals great knockback and does tons of damage to the opponents. In addition, as the name indicates, this Fighting Style has the specialty of kicking opponents while damaging them.

  • Project Baki 3 Tier List Overall Rank: SS
  • Trainer: Jonah
  • Meet the Required: 75 Str, 25 Dur, 75 Agi, 25 Int, 50 Levels


Project Baki 3 Tier List (Fighting Style) (May 2024) (3)

Sumo is an excellent Fighting Style to consider in Project Baki 3 as it does medium knockback. Moreover, this style generates a shockwave, dealing tons of damage to the enemies. Also, its wound-up punch hits the opponent badly and does a high knockback.

  • Project Baki 3 Tier List Overall Rank: SS
  • Trainer: Vice
  • Meet the Required: 25 Str, 50 Dur, 10 Agi, 15 Int, 20 Levels


Project Baki 3 Tier List (Fighting Style) (May 2024) (4)

Military does a great stab, dealing tons of damage, and increasing your winning probability. In addition, its skill slices the enemy’s throat to a great extent when their HP is below 15%.

  • Project Baki 3 Tier List Overall Rank: SS
  • Trainer: Kywl
  • Meet the Required: 35 Str, 15 Dur, 30 Agi, 20 Int, 20 Levels

Kenjutsu (Sword)

Project Baki 3 Tier List (Fighting Style) (May 2024) (5)

Kenjutsu (Sword) performs a sword slash dealing great damage and knocking the opponent from the back. Moreover, the style damages anyone in the way during the dash using the sword slash.

  • Project Baki 3 Tier List Overall Rank: SS
  • Trainer: Reborn
  • Meet the Required: 125 Str, 125 Dur, 125 Agi, 95 Int, 120 Levels

Project Baki 3: S-Tier Fighting Styles (OP Styles)

  1. Kung Fu— S
  2. Karate— S
  3. Hand Pocket— S
  4. Spec Brute Force— S
  5. Sikorsky Brute Force— S
  6. Street Fighting— S
  7. Pickle Brute Force— S
  8. Musashi— S

Kung Fu

Project Baki 3 Tier List (Fighting Style) (May 2024) (6)

Kung Fu is an excellent Fighting Style that you can take for dealing slight knockbacks. Moreover, this Project Baki 3 Style does an extreme series of punches, damaging the enemies greatly.

  • Project Baki 3 Tier List Overall Rank: S
  • Trainer: FlapPrime
  • Meet the Required: 25 Str, 15 Dur, 25 Agi, 15 Int, 20 Levels


Project Baki 3 Tier List (Fighting Style) (May 2024) (7)

Karate deals the opponents badly using the barrage of hits by rapid sharp punches. In addition to giving solid punches, the Karate gives two roundhouse kicks, dealing tons of damage.

  • Project Baki 3 Tier List Overall Rank: S
  • Trainer: Doppo Orochi
  • Meet the Required: 30Strength,25Durability,10Agility,15Intellect, and be Level20
  • Unlock All Techniques: 50 Strength, 30 Durability, 25 Agility, 30 Intellect

Hand Pocket

Project Baki 3 Tier List (Fighting Style) (May 2024) (8)

The Hand Pocket Style allows the user to perform two powerful kicks, greatly knocking the enemies. Also, it deals loads of hits using punches by taking out both of their hands, making the enemy weaker.

  • Project Baki 3 Tier List Overall Rank: S
  • Trainer: Shobun Ron
  • Meet the Required: 105 Strength, 95 Durability, 95 Agility, 45 Intellect, and be Level 85
  • Unlock All Techniques: 125Strength,130Durability,130Agility,80Intellect

Spec Brute Force

Project Baki 3 Tier List (Fighting Style) (May 2024) (9)

The Spec Brute Force allows the user to grab the opponent by their throat and slam them into the ground. So, if you want to hit your enemy using kicks and slamming, you should use this Fighting Style.

  • Project Baki 3 Tier List Overall Rank: S
  • Trainer: Spec
  • Meet the Required: 460Strength,420Durability,410Agility,470Intellect, and be Level440
  • Unlock All Techniques: 500Strength,440Durability,485Agility,480Intellect

Sikorsky Brute Force

Project Baki 3 Tier List (Fighting Style) (May 2024) (10)

The Sikorsky Brute Force is an efficient Fighting Style that knockbacks the enemy upon getting in contact with them. This Fighting Style is overall balanced, dealing good damage to the enemies.

  • Project Baki 3 Tier List Overall Rank: S
  • Trainer: Sikorsky
  • Meet the Required: 330 Str, 270 Dur, 300 Agi, 300 Int, 300 Levels
  • Unlock All Techniques: 450Strength,280Durability,360Agility,320Intellect

Project Baki 3: A-Tier Fighting Styles (Best Styles)

  1. Hanayama Street-Fighting— A
  2. Judo/Yuichiro— A
  3. Grandmaster/Assassin— A
  4. Oliva Brute Style— A
  5. Total Fighting- Prison— A
  6. Goudou— A

Project Baki 3: B-Tier Fighting Styles (Good Styles)

We have stated the Good Project Baki 3 Fighting Styles that you can under the absence of high-tier suggestions. Also, if you are a beginner, you can aim at gaining them for a decent start.

  1. Father-Vs-Son Baki Hanma — B
  2. Way of the Void — B
  3. Hidden Weapon MMA — B
  4. Shaolin Staff — B
  5. Pit Fighting — B
  6. Father-Vs-Son Yujiro Hanma — B
  7. Kodona Taekwondo — B
  8. Total Fighting — B
  9. Retsu Shaori — B
  10. Yasha Ape — B
  11. Katsumi — B
  12. Orochi-ryuu Karate — B
  13. Titan Rex Brute Force — B
  14. Kazuya — B
  15. Luck — B
  16. Ancient Capoeira — B
  17. Peek-A-Boo — B
  18. Mouth — B
  19. Krav Maga — B
  20. Motobe-ryuu Jiu-Jitsu Kenjutsu — B
  21. Swordless — B
  22. Jeet Kune Do — B
  23. Jeet Kune Do: Sekkendou — B
  24. Art of Ali — B
  25. Chiharuism — B
  26. Total Power — B
  27. Leaning Fist — B
  28. Shibukawa-ryuu Aikido — B
  29. Low Tier God — B
  30. Dirty Shinshinkai Karate — B
  31. Pickle Brute Force (Pickle Wars Saga) — B

Project Baki 3: C-Tier Fighting Styles (Average Styles)

The underlying Fighting Styles are not as greatly stuffed with high abilities. However, you can take them under specific conditions or reasons for their expertise.

  1. Capoeira— C
  2. Muay Thai— C
  3. Total Violence— C
  4. Athlete Style— C
  5. Ancient Sumo— C
  6. Tai-Chi— C
  7. Akuma— C
  8. Staggered Fist— C
  9. Genos— C
  10. Mu-kakure-ryuu Ninjutsu— C
  11. Gaia Military— C
  12. Retsu Bailin Kenpo — C
  13. Dirty Kenpo — C

Project Baki 3: D-Tier Fighting Styles (Worst Styles)

You should not use any of the Fighting Styles below as they will not help you in any way as the above-stated will do.

  1. Kaku Shaori— D
  2. Taekwondo— D
  3. Cord-Cutter — D

Project Baaki 2 tier list has been completed. In this tier list, we have ranked all the fighters of Project Baaki 2 on the basis of their abilities. If you want some more information related to this Roblox game, then you can tell us on the comment section of this post.

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Project Baki 3 Tier List (Fighting Style) (May 2024) (2024)


What is Baki best fighting style? ›

Baki's fighting style is just mix of martial arts, his style is known as "Total Fighting". Mitsunari Tokugawa called this "Grappling". Techniques: lol- very strong fighting move based on "seiken" from karate where the fighter tenses up and locks their joints to put all the weight of their body into their fist.

What are all the martial arts Baki knows? ›

  • Goutaijutsu.
  • Seiken.
  • Cord-Cut.
  • Aiki.
  • Defensive Xiaoli.
  • Mach Punch.

Who has the strongest punch in Baki? ›

Yujiro Hanma stands out as the strongest character with raw strength, superior technique, and unmatched power.


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